Royals first baseman Matt Duffy has the ball go straight through his glove. Photo Credit: Bally Sports

Monday’s matchup between the Kansas City Royals and the Cleveland Guardians featured one of the more bizarre plays of the season where an error was ruled on one player that had a ball go straight through his glove.

The play occurred in the bottom of the first inning Guardians leadoff man Steven Kwan hit a ground ball to Royals star shortstop Bobby Witt Jr.

It should have been a routine out for the Royals, but the ball actually went right through the glove of Royals first baseman Matt Duffy.

It is an extremely tough break for the Royals to start the game, but it was even worse for Duffy individually, who was issued an error on the play for something that he really couldn’t control.

Fans took notice of the rare play and felt horrible for Duffy and the Royals.

The error ruling on Duffy is definitely harsh, but it is ultimately the ruling that had to be made. It can’t be a hit for Kwan because the throw from Bobby Witt was there in plenty of time to get the out. The actual throw from Witt was a great one, so the only ruling to be made is an error on Duffy.

You have to feel for the Royals, who certainly don’t need more external factors like this glove malfunction that further lead to losing baseball games. The Royals came into the game with an abysmal 28-73 record, which is the second-worst record in baseball only ahead of the Oakland Athletics.

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