The Nationals are beating the Mets today in D.C., and if they hang on they’ll have taken three out of four from the weekend series.

That includes a split doubleheader on Saturday, which saw Kyle Schwarber hit two homers in an evening victory. Schwarber has had a an odd first year in Washington, but has come on more strongly since getting healthy. The Nats also moved him into the leadoff spot, hoping to take advantage of his patience and eye at the plate.

Schwarber’s power is always present, though, and if the Mets didn’t learn that Saturday night, they’re certainly learning it today, as Scwharber has gone deep three more times.

That included this shot to leadoff the bottom of the first:

In the fifth inning, Schwarber got around on a high inside pitch and pulled it right down the line for his second of the day:

And then in the seventh, Schwarber again went opposite field, this time off Jeurys Familia to tack on a few insurance runs for the Nats.

Have a day, Kyle Schwarber. Or, really, have a weekend; going from 13 homers on the year to 18 in the span of two days is absolutely ridiculous, but it’s that kind of potential at the plate that has kept him employed and playing the last few seasons.

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