The Cubs have been fine this year, and while that’s not enough for plenty of fans, they’re still likely to be fine going forward. A big key to that continued fine-ness will be the offensive output of Kyle Schwarber, who had been in something of a slump (for him, that is, he was still getting on base with ridiculous frequency and doing damage when he did make contact.)

Today, though, Schwarber absolutely annihilated a line drive to right for a two-run shot. But while the line drive homer is obviously impressive, even more impressive is the Reds fan who made a bare-handed catch of this missile.

That was a laser, too, leaving the bat at an eastimated 107 MPH:

And while the ball was obviously moving more slowly at the end of it’s trajectory, flatter line drives like that lose a lot less energy than big, towering blasts that are effectively coming down with gravity. Like, say, this Javy Baez blast that followed directly after Schwarber’s:


That’s a brave person who reaches out bare-handed at all, and a very talented (and likely sore) one who manages to actually make the play. Fun fact: I used to play vintage baseball, which mostly featured me attempting to play smoked liners and grounders at shortstop without a glove. It sucked! But at least I got to wear a ridiculous outfit while doing so!

Kudos to you, sir. That had to sting.

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