If we’re writing about a Dominican Summer League baseball game, you know it must involve something crazy. And that it’s a slow night.

The DSL Yankees beat the DSL Twins by the score of 38-2 on Wednesday. Yes, 38 runs, and a 36-run victory.

As the line score above shows, the Yankees didn’t even score in the first inning. But they scored in every remaining inning, including 31 runs between innings three and seven. The Yankees had 31 hits, walked 12 times, and got some help from a Twins defense that committed six errors.

Now for a look at the full box score for the Yankees’ hitters:

All 11 batters that played had at least two hits, and six batters drove in at least three runs.

Shockingly, there were “only” five home runs and one triple, and nobody hit more than one dinger.

So how did the Yankees end up with *38* runs? They were incredibly opportunistic with runners in scoring position. Yankees’ batters went an insane 19-for-31 with runners in scoring position. That’s a .613 batting average.

And now, the horror of the Twins’ pitching numbers:

Seven pitchers were used, with none of them going over two innings, and all of them allowing at least two earned runs. Things were particularly rough for Carlos Gutierrez, who allowed 11 hits, 11 runs, and 10 earned runs in 1 1/3. He actually entered with a decent 4.24 ERA in 17 innings pitched, but that ERA ballooned to 8.84 with the nightmare performance.

Oh, and for the Yankees, pitcher Luis Velasquez even got credited with a “save” for pitching four scoreless innings.

The good news for the DSL Twins is there’s nowhere to go up. Or, down in the case of the pitchers’ ERAs.

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