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Miami Marlins prospect Ian Lewis stole five bases in a game Wednesday night.

OK, you might think, that’s a lot of stolen bases in one game, but why isn’t this news item buried somewhere in the Marlins farm report?

Lewis’ feat left the MLB community buzzing because he registered those five steals without getting a single hit.

The Single-A Jupiter Hammerheads infielder’s bizarre feat is a rarity. A five-steal, no-hit day is something only Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson has pulled in the majors since 1901. The all-time MLB stolen base leader turned the trick in 1989.

Going even further down the bizarro rabbit hole, Lewis only walked once. He reached base two other times on errors.

Lewis really ran wild in the fifth inning, when he stole second, third and home against the St. Lucie Mets.

The 20-year-old Bahamas native is rated the Marlins No. 30 prospect, according to MLB Pipeline. An international free agent signing in 2019, Lewis is hitting .231 this year with 26 stolen bases.

Whether he ever makes it to the big show or not, Lewis will never forget his unusual day.

The five-steals, no-hit feat has been done eight time in the minors since 2005, each time drawing the same “WTF” reactions from fans. Lewis definitely caught the attention of MLB fans on social media.



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