Remember last year’s MLB trade deadline, when Wilmer Flores took the field thinking he had been traded and then started crying at shortstop? Well, the first 2,500 fans in attendance at the Brooklyn Cyclones game July 31 won’t soon forget it.

The Cyclones, a Mets Single-A affiliate is hosting “From Tears to Cheers” bobblehead night to celebrate this year’s trade deadline, with a two-faced figurine celebrating both Flores’ sadness about being traded and happiness about remaining in New York.

Here’s how the team describes the collectible:

On July 31, the Brooklyn Cyclones will pay homage to this unforgettable few days with a “From Tears to Cheers Wilmer Flores Bobblehead” giveaway for the first 2,500 fans in attendance. This first-of-its-kind giveaway item features a bobblehead with two fronts. How so? One side features a pose reminiscent of Wilmer Flores, with tears in his eyes, standing at shortstop when rumors of his impending trade to Milwaukee started to circulate. On the reverse side of the bobblehead is Wilmer triumphantly popping his jersey after hitting a game-winning home run against the Washington Nationals just a few days later (to be exact it took place on July 31, 2015 – one year prior to the bobblehead giveaway).  

This is not the Cyclones’ first notable bobblehead announcement of the spring. The team will also be handing out John Stamos bobbleheads in honor of Full House Tribute night on July 9.

We at The Comeback are fans of a good bobblehead, but this might be going too far. This Flores bobblehead is kind of weird both in what it represents — an incredibly vulnerable, borderline embarrassing episode in the life of a player you’re supposedly honoring — and how it looks — “two fronts” looks OK in a picture, but it will inevitably appear clunky in real life.

You’d hope the Cyclones ran this idea up the ladder to the Mets and let Flores sign off, but who knows. The world of minor-league promotions seems pretty loosely governed. It might make sense for Flores to own his teary moment and market himself as The Guy Who Cried When He Got Traded. Then again, if the shortstop isn’t careful he could end up the next Crying Jordan… and no one wants that.

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