Delvin Pérez Delvin Pérez thought he hit a home run. He was nearly at home plate when he realized, he was wrong.

Anyone who’s seen Moneyball no doubt remembers the scene at the end of the movie, when Jonah Hill’s Peter Brand shows Brad Pitt’s Billy Beane video of an Oakland Athletics farmhand hitting a home run without realizing it. Thursday’s game between the Gwinnett Stripers and Memphis Redbirds, Triple-A affiliates of the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals, respectively, gave us the exact opposite.

Memphis third baseman Delvin Pérez clocked a ball to deep left field. He trotted around the bases, even pointing out to left field as he rounded second base. Pérez was roughly halfway between third base and home before he realized one significant detail. He had not hit a home run or even gotten a hit. A gust of wind knocked the ball down, right into the glove of Gwinnett’s left fielder, Justyn-Henry Malloy. It had barely even reached the warning track.

You can almost hear the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme being played there, can’t you?

Baseball fans had a lot of fun with this one.

Even Pérez’s own team couldn’t help but laugh at this one.

Fortunately for Pérez, the ball was caught. So, the mistake didn’t cost his team anything, which might not have been the case had it hit off of the wall and he was trotting around the bases when the ball was in play. More good news for Pérez and the RedBirds, the night ended well, with Memphis defeating Gwinnett 6-1. That makes it a lot easier to laugh at this gaffe.

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