MLB Lockout

One of the biggest ongoing sports stories has been the MLB lockout and the inability for the MLB and the MLBPA to come to terms on a new labor deal, which meant the cancelation of some 2022 games.

Negotiations had been going on dating back to December, with seemingly very little progress coming from both sides. This has led to some of the biggest names in baseball, such as Mike Trout, Max Scherzer, and Noah Syndergaard speaking out, amongst many others asking for a return to baseball.

It seems that we have reached a resolution. Thursday afternoon, reports started trickling out that the MLB and the MLBPA have finally come to an agreement and we will see baseball return in April after all.

This has obviously gotten the MLB world talking with everyone letting their excitement of these reports be known on social media.

Players will reportedly be able to report to spring training as early as Friday, with Opening Day expected to take place on April 7.

Once the deal is ratified by both sides, which is expected to happen either Thursday or Friday, free agency will be underway and trades will be allowed to take place. This will likely be a crazy weekend as every team will surely be rushing to sign free agents in a hurry, something that MLB fans are even more excited to see.

This means that the MLB’s free agency period will occur at the same time that NFL free agency is going on. That is truly unprecedented and has many eager to see the fireworks that will happen.

With both sides looking like they were not budging on negotiations, it seemed very improbable that there would be a deal reached this quickly. Credit is deserved to both the MLB and the MLBPA for figuring out terms on a deal that means baseball is indeed back.

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