Padres Jake Cronenworth

San Diego Padres star Jake Cronenworth was just involved in a brutal umpire incident that has exasperated MLB fans.

Cronenworth and the Padres are playing the Chicago Cubs in San Diego for a weekend series at PETCO Park. After three innings, the score is 7-1 Cubs. The third inning ended with controversy, however, as the two-time NL All-Star ran into an umpire in the middle of the lane.

Cronenworth attempted to get to second base to beat out a throw that would have gotten him out if he didn’t make it. And well, Cronenworth didn’t make it, so the Cubs tagged him out. The Cubbies can credit blue with an assist, as umpire Ryan Wills got in the Padre’s way and appeared to impede his path to safely reach second base.

This had Cronenworth pretty teed off, as he could be seen staring the umpire down after being ruled out. MLB fans, meanwhile, weren’t too thrilled about it either. Especially Padres fans, if you can believe that.

Needless to say, that umpire will eat some scorn after that, from Padres fans and others alike. he Padres are getting routed as they’ve struggled mightily in recent weeks. Things like this on the basepaths don’t help their cause a whole lot. San Diego is having a brutal run, and this incident might have just been a perfect microcosm of that.

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