David Ortiz

If you’re attending Tuesday’s Boston Red Sox game and were hoping to snag a David Ortiz bobblehead, I’ve got some bad news.

The Red Sox announced on Twitter, the planned bobblehead giveaway for their retiring star was cancelled after the bobbleheads were deemed “unacceptable to the club and not appropriate for distribution.”

The cancellation was prompted by just how hideous the bobbleheads looked.

The bobblehead’s details looked just a bit off.

As you can see, Ortiz’s mouth is messed up. His lips are reminiscent of a racist 1940’s cartoon. I’m not sure what the manufacturers were thinking making them so big, but Red Sox president Sam Kennedy didn’t want anyone to be offended.

The lips aren’t the only issue, as there appears to be something in Ortiz’s mouth. I can’t say for certain what’s in there, but it looks gross. It’s not clear what was trying to be captured with the crud in his mouth.

Multiple issues aside, the Red Sox did the right thing. They quickly realized the bobblehead wasn’t acceptable and axed it. It’s a pretty obvious decision. Bobbleheads don’t always resemble the players they’re honoring, but Ortiz’s was straight-up disrespectful. I can’t imagine Ortiz’s reaction to seeing them. He couldn’t have been thrilled.

Fans who missed out on the giveaway, won’t go away empty-handed. The Red Sox will be issuing fixed Ortiz bobbleheads to fans with tickets at a later date. That bobblehead can’t be much worse than this one.

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