Getting a no-hitter is one of the greatest achievements for a baseball pitcher. For Mark Buehrle, he has the distinction of not only pitching a no-hitter but did one better pitching a perfect game.

Players react to celebrating these achievements differently. For Buehrle, we learned that he wanted to reward those on the White Sox for helping him achieve baseball immortality. Because if not for them, a no-hitter doesn’t happen.

Reddit user jpjtourdiary posted about meeting up with a retired equipment manager for the White Sox and seeing his watch that was given by Buehrle. The watch was black with a gold edge and has “Buehrle” as well as “No-Hitter” “4-18-07.”

Source: jpjtourdiary on Reddit

That’s a rather nice gesture for Buehrle to give to his teammates. These aren’t Rolex’s or anything but to pay for dozens of watches, that has to cost a bit. But it was well worth it and great appreciation for those who also deserve credit for this achievement.

The person who posted the pic also said that when Buehrle pitched his perfect game in 2009, Buehrle gave each person on the team a bottle of Crown Royal XR in personalized bags which is one of Crown Royal’s rarest and most expensive liquors. Very classy moves.


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