Polish MMA fighter Ferrari sucker punches a YouTuber

Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roslik, a Polish MMA fighter, crashed an interview of YouTuber Sadek and sucker-punched the internet personality for previous insults.

The fracas occurred Tuesday as Polish journalist Monica Laskowska interviewed Sadek. Laskowska shared the footage on her Instagram story shortly after the incident.

In the video, Roslik, who, again, is a trained professional fighter, punched Sadek in the face and sends him crashing into the interview screen. As Sadek then rises to his feet and can be seen wiping blood from his mouth.

Here is the full interview; Roslik crashes the scene around the seven-minute, 50-second mark:

“It’s ok,” Sadek said as Laskowska helped him recover. The YouTube personality did not appear seriously injured.

According to multiple reports, Sadek made numerous comments about the fighter and his family, and Roslik decided the settle the matter the old-fashioned way.

As of now, Sadek is not facing any sanctions for his actions. As noted in media reports, this isn’t the first time that Roslik has thrown a punch at a media event. In March, Roslik threw a punch after being slapped by a future opponent.

Roslik (3-3) is slated to face Pawel “Scarface” Bomba (0-1) this Saturday at High league 4 in Gliwice, Poland.

[Story and image via Monica Laskowska]