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UFC star Colby Covington lost his welterweight title fight at UFC 296 by decision to Leon Edwards this past Saturday. It’s safe to say that Covington doesn’t agree with the decision. And he is now claiming that the judges didn’t give him the victory because of his political views.

Covington hasn’t been shy to make his political opinion open to the general public. In fact, he has essentially made it his entire gimmick as a way to attract fans to many of his fights.

Ahead of the title fight, Covington vowed that if he defeated Edwards for the title, it would be Donald Trump instead of Dana White who would place the championship belt around his waist after the fight.

Covington appeared on Jesse Walters Primetime on Fox News, where he stated that he feels he didn’t get the judges to score the fight for him because of his support for Trump.

“I think they stack the deck against us because they don’t want we the people to have control of this country again,” said Covington. “And that is what Trump stands for. He stands for democracy. He stands for freedom. So they are going to do everything they can to keep us down. If it is in any sort of judging position in a fight, or any sort of athletic event, they are going to stack the deck against us. It is a sad time in our country. But we need to rise up and we can’t let this keep us down.”

Covington was then asked about what his future looks like and who he could fight next. This is where he called for a rematch with Edwards, saying that he will “come back stronger” if he gets another chance against Edwards for the title.

“I want a rematch,” Covington added “I deserve it. I’m gonna come back stronger. I’m just like the American people, we never give up. You can knock us down but we just learn, we never lose.”

It’s natural for any UFC fighter to be extremely confident in their abilities, so it should come as no surprise to hear that Covington believes he should have won the fight.

However, for Covington to claim that the reason for his loss is due to supporting Donald Trump is pretty absurd. On top of the judges scoring the fight for Edwards, the large majority of those watching at home largely agreed with them.

This also includes the majority of media members who scored the fight as well. In fact, 23 out of 23 media members who submitted their live scorecards for the fight on scored the fight for Edwards.

Simply put, it seems like Covington just wants to place the blame for his loss on someone else. Instead, he should focus on what he needs to do moving forward to progress in his career and come back stronger to potentially defeat Edwards if he gets another chance to do so.

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