Donald Trump alongside Dana White and Kid Rock at UFC 296 Photo Credit: UFC on TNT Sports

UFC 296 took place on Saturday night with two title fights headlining the stacked fight card. And former United States president Donald Trump was front and center for the festivities.

Trump has long been known to be a big fan of the sport. But this event was particularly meaningful to him because his favorite fighter, UFC welterweight Colby Covington, was fighting in a title bout against UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards.

The former U.S. President walked out to watch the main card of fights alongside UFC President Dana White and musician Kid Rock, which drew a big ovation from the fans in attendance.

Fans at home spoke their mind of this grand entrance for Trump at the event.

Trump was cage side for the fights, greeting the UFC commentary booth upon sitting down to enjoy the show.

Covington proclaimed ahead of his title fight that he would have Trump, his self-proclaimed “role model” put the championship belt on him in the octagon should he defeat Leon Edwards on Saturday night.

“I asked Dana [White], respectfully, could he step to the side and let Donald Trump put it on,” said Covington on a recent episode of The Full Send Podcast on YouTube. “That would mean everything to me, man. I’m his biggest fan, he’s my biggest role model. What better way for him to put the belt around me? … Who better than the most famous person on planet Earth, Donald Trump, to give me the belt?”

Unfortunately for both Trump and Covington, Leon Edwards was able to defeat Covington on Saturday night in a five-round decision victory to spoil those plans.

Regardless, Covington was thankful that Trump was in attendance for his fight, shouting him out in his post-fight interview in the octagon.

“I want to shout out all our first responders, our military,” said Covington. “They are the real heroes. The celebrities of our country. Also want to shout out Donald Trump. You can delay it but you can’t deny it. He’s going to make America great again. We need these borders secure. We need inflation down. And we need America first again. Donald Trump is the only one who is going to do that again. Trump 2024!”

Trump not only got to watch some of the best fighters in the world perform on Saturday night. But he also got a ringing endorsement from Covington as he pursues his second presidential term in 2024, which certainly can’t hurt his chances of being re-elected.

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