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UFC 291 took place on Saturday night, and one fighter has gone viral after an unbelievable knockout, and an equally great celebration.

Former Heavyweight championship challenger Derrick Lewis took on Marcos Rogerio De Lima, and if you blinked at the start of the fight you may have missed the beginning of the end for Rogerio De Lima.

Lewis started the fight by running at Rogerio De Lima and throwing a flying knee that landed on the button. The knee knocked down De Lima, and some follow-up punches on the ground resulted in a knockout victory for Lewis in under a minute.

It was a truly ridiculous way for Lewis to start the fight, but it worked flawlessly and turned the sports world on its head. Fans took to social media after the fight concluded to offer their opinion on the unbelievable performance.


If the fight itself wasn’t enough, Lewis’s hilarious activities after the fight were surely enough to get fans’ attention. He instantly took off his fight trunks, stripping down to his boxers and providing a throwback to old WWE fans with the “DX” staple celebration.


With this win, Lewis claims the UFC knockout record with 14 knockouts in his illustrious career.

While Derrick Lewis has never reached the championship ranks, losing his only UFC title fight to Daniel Cormier, he is certainly a fan favorite, and for good reason after his latest insane knockout.

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