Blake Perry

Mixed Martial Arts fighters are certainly no strangers to fighting through egregious injuries, but MMA fighter Blake Perry took it to a whole new level this weekend when he tried to continue fighting after an absolutely brutal and ugly injury.

During Sunday’s A1 combat event, Perry took a hard knee right to the face from opponent Marcel McCain in the first round of their fight that left him with quite the nose injury.

After the brutal strike to the face, Perry’s nose was grotesquely broken, with the bridge visibly bent and disfigured.

But even though his nose was severely mangled and clearly broken, Perry pulled the ultimate tough guy move and attempted to continue fighting despite the injury. Unfortunately for Perry, however, the ring doctor had other plans and halted the fight immediately when he saw the extent of Perry’s nose injury.

Even though Perry wasn’t allowed to continue fighting, the MMA world had plenty to say about the fighter’s shocking injury as well as his toughness, with plenty taking note of how badly it must have hurt.

Perry may not have won the fight, but it’s definitely safe to say that he earned himself some tough guy points with that performance.

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