Bryce Mitchell posted a photo of his blood-soaked underwear after a power drill accident.

Bryce Mitchell is an up-and-coming mixed martial arts featherweight who reached the semifinals in The Ultimate Fighter 27 and won his first official UFC fight in Las Vegas July 6 at the TUF finale, besting Tyler Diamond in a unanimous decision. But Mitchell became a whole lot more famous Tuesday for an injury that had nothing to do with MMA. Here’s what he tweeted:

Oh, and if you didn’t believe him, he posted a photo of his blood-soaked underwear:

Meanwhile, editor Shaheen Al-Shatti tweeted that Mitchell should get a sponsorship out of this, Mitchell retweeted that, and regular podcast sponsor MeUndies came through:

At least something good came of this? That’s definitely a reason not to hold a drill in your pants, though…


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