Bryce Mitchell posted a photo of his blood-soaked underwear after a power drill accident.

Bryce Mitchell is an up-and-coming mixed martial arts featherweight who reached the semifinals in The Ultimate Fighter 27 and won his first official UFC fight in Las Vegas July 6 at the TUF finale, besting Tyler Diamond in a unanimous decision. His next two fights were lost though but in 2014, he moved up to the Middleweight division and his love for an adrenaline rush enabled him to push through and win his next six fights. But Mitchell became a whole lot more famous Tuesday for an injury that had nothing to do with MMA. Here’s what he tweeted:

Oh, and if you didn’t believe him, he posted a photo of his blood-soaked underwear:

Meanwhile, editor Shaheen Al-Shatti tweeted that Mitchell should get a sponsorship out of this, Mitchell retweeted that, and regular podcast sponsor MeUndies came through:

At least something good came of this? That’s definitely a reason not to hold a drill in your pants, though…


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