Kris Dunn with a shot against the Spurs.

The Chicago Bulls have been in significant turmoil over the last few weeks, following the firing of head coach Fred Hoiberg and subsequent rebellion from players against the tactics used by interim coach Jim Boylen. And they got another moment for national embarrassment Saturday against the San Antonio Spurs. While the Bulls wound up winning that game, they looked rather stupid at one point in the second quarter, thanks to a long three-point attempt from guard Kris Dunn that didn’t even come anywhere close to the net:

That’s one of the worst airballs at the NBA level in a while. And while one bad shot alone doesn’t doom a team (and Chicago won 98-93 in the end), this still wasn’t a great look for them. Yes, it all worked out for the Bulls in the end here, but there are lots of questions about why you have players taking shots like that so far outside the three-point line when they clearly can’t hit them. We’ll see if Dunn (seen above on a separate shot against the Spurs’ LaMarcus Aldridge) continues these kinds of shots down the road.

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