Conor McGregor punches Heat mascot

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor sent the Miami Heat’s mascot to the hospital after a questionable and dangerous promotion during Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

McGregor went to mid-court Friday night during a time out to promote his new body spray, TIDL Sport, which is now a Heat sponsor.

During the announcement, the Heat’s mascot, Burnie, wandered over, sporting a pair of enormous boxing gloves. The two squared off, and McGregor hit Burnie with a vicious left hook, which dropped the mascot to the floor.

McGregor then moved in and hit the prone mascot again in the upper body. A group of people then pretended to fan Burnie before dragging him off the floor by his feet.


The Athletic‘s Sam Amick reported Saturday that the person who plays the mascot went to the ER for treatment after the incident. According to the report, he received pain medication, was sent home and is expected to make a full recovery.

The event was clearly a planned skit as part of McGregor’s promotion, although someone in the Heat’s front office should have stood up during the planning session and said, “You know, a lot could go wrong here.”

NBA fans agreed: This was not a good idea. They sent their well wishes to Burnie … and the poor soul behind the costume.

[The Athletic; Photo Credit: ESPN]

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