Dennis Rodman Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Basketball Hall of Fame power forward Dennis Rodman supports the LGBTQ community – he’s been doing it for decades, even at the height of his NBA career when he would dress in drag and openly party at gay bars. And it appears that nothing has changed since his retirement from the NBA.

This week, the city of Houston held its annual Pride parade and celebration in the city, and Dennis Rodman was in attendance, wearing a short plaid skirt and a photograph of himself with rainbow hair.

Rodman shared his look on social media with a caption that read “Love will Always win. Happy Pride.”

It’s certainly a bold outfit, bold post, and a bold message, but as many people pointed out on social media, this isn’t exactly new for Rodman.

The former NBA superstar got some pushback for the post in the comments, so he decided to address the critics with a post in his Instagram stories. Rodman posted various photos of himself during the prime of his NBA career showing him wearing a wedding dress and other stereotypically feminine outfits that many saw as controversial at the time.

“Do your research guys,” Rodman wrote on his Instagram story. “#beenhim.”

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