Draymond Green and Dillon Brooks

Despite being traded several months ago for having a fight with Draymond Green, Jordan Poole, can seem to escape the incident and this fight remains in the spotlight.

This time, it’s Green getting into it with Poole’s father on social media. Poole’s dad called Green a ***** and denied that he was trying to avoid him.

“That’s so cute,” Green said. “It’s impossible to avoid you [at] an arena for a year champ. I got get my family from that family room every game.”

Green addressed the issue again on Patrick Bev Podcast, saying he normally doesn’t lose his cool like that.

“I don’t just hit people,” Green said. “Dialogue happens and dialogue happens over the course of time. You usually ain’t just triggered by something like that fast to that degree. This is a team, ain’t nobody on my team triggering me in an instant.”

Greene didn’t say what exactly Poole said to set him off, but he hinted about it.

“We know stuff that you don’t say amongst men,” he added. “We know things that you have to stand on. As I’ve admitted before, I was wrong in the way I handled it for the situation where we were.”

The incident is why many believe the chemistry seemed off with the Warriors this past season because of the tension between the two.

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