This dude took the #CurryChallenge way too far, and Steph is not amused

When shooting your arcing layups, try not to step on strangers' cars.
curry challenge

A few weeks ago, Steph Curry delighted his teammates in pregame warmups by making a layup with a ridiculous arc, an exaggeration of a shot the former MVP often takes (and converts) during games. Even unguarded, it’s a pretty impressive feat.

Steph’s artistry has prompted various fans to attempt what has become known as the #CurryChallenge, in which they toss items high into the air to have them land in “hoops” of different kinds.

But anytime one of these crazes comes along, someone always arrives to take things way too far. This time, that was¬†Instagram personality Samuel Grubbs, who ran around in a Curry jersey disturbing people in the name of the Challenge. Shockingly, bystanders in Grubbs’ weren’t thrilled when he and his friends threw drinks at them or walked on their cars. Hard to believe.

And though it’s certainly possible that all the unhappy people are in on the gag, that didn’t stop Curry himself from effectively disavowing Grubbs video. Via ESPN:

“I will just say be very mindful of the repercussions of messing with people’s stuff,” he told ESPN. “I do not condone violence. That is the only thing. I do not condone violence.”


“It’s very creative,” Curry told ESPN regarding Grubbs’ video. “People are obviously having fun, but please be respectful of other people’s property. I don’t want anything to happen to anyone.”

We’re going to have to side with Steph here. Have your fun, shoot your crazy shots, but maybe don’t be a huge jerk about it.


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