Sometimes you just have to know when enough is enough. On Monday night in Atlanta, a bit of confusion or perhaps a difference in opinion between teammates Dwight Howard and Dennis Schroder carried on a little too long, allowing one of the game’s top shooters to do what he does best.

Following Howard’s second turnover of the game, he appeared to discuss what went wrong and sort out how a play went poorly with Schroder. Seemingly frustrated, the two got too caught up in the discussion, which left Schroder straying away from the man he was supposed to be covering.

Who was that man? Oh, just Steph Curry, the two-time MVP who just hit a hot streak on Sunday in New York to calm the nerves of Warriors fans. As the two Hawks went on, Cury took an inbounds pass and dropped one of his six three-pointers of the night to give the Warriors a 72-70 lead in the third quarter.

Let this be a lesson to you all that there is a time and a place on when to make adjustments and figure out how to fix a problem. When the Warriors are inbounding to Curry is not the most ideal time to do that, and the Hawks found out the hard way. Maybe the Hawks should have had a longer discussion about those uniforms they opted to wear instead.

Golden State went on to beat Atlanta on the road, 119-111.

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