Elon Musk is in the process of finalizing his $44 billion transaction to purchase Twitter, prompting many to wonder what product the entrepreneur might look to acquire next.

Maybe the NBA? Well, no, but former NBA veteran Enes Kanter Freedom can dream. Kanter Freedom joined Fox News Thursday afternoon and reaffirmed his desire to see Musk purchase the league he believes blackballed him from playing.

“That would be my dream,” Kanter Freedom said. “I think what he’s doing for free speech is amazing and I think he can bring some justice to the NBA.”

Just as Musk has stated he would be willing to reinstate former United States president Donald Trump, Kanter Freedom believes the South-Africa-born billionaire could help him land on a basketball team again.

“Finally, maybe I could get to play basketball,” said Kanter Freedom, who has previously insinuated that he’s being blackballed by the NBA for bashing China’s human rights violations.

Kanter Freedom should be commended for his activism in recent years, which includes criticizing the ongoing Chinese human rights violations against the Muslim Uyghurs. But his inability to land on an NBA team has less to do with calling out the league for profiting off their business relationships in China and more to do with him being well past his prime.

Even during his best years, Kanter Freedom was never considered to be a top or winning player. And after a more than decade long career, Kanter Freedom’s one-dimensional offensive game is outdated and no longer sought by a league that prioritizes versatility and defense from its seven-footers.

Kanter Freedom has carved out a nice niche for himself on cable news channels as an outspoken activist, but his basketball skills just don’t fit the NBA anymore. Elon Musk can’t save Kanter Freedom’s NBA career, only miraculous development of a three-point shot can.

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