Here’s a ridiculous pass from John Wall. I could go into more detail, but no words of mine are going to improve the artistry:

I’m just laughing, watching that pass. Come on.

Wall has had a fantastic season, and is about to be rewarded with his fourth-straight All-Star appearance. If he’s doing these kinds of things now, imagine what he’ll break out for that game.

With Wall’s excellence, it’s probably time to update the NBA’s point guard rankings, so here’s mine:

  1. Yogi
  2. Steph
  3. Russ
  4. IDK, it gets a lot harder from here on in, and I mostly just did this to set up the Yogi joke, but Wall’s right up there.

The Wizards are currently running the Thunder off the court, and they sit in the top 3 seeds in the East at the moment. With Wall running the show, that’s not a surprise.

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