We know that NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant can be a little bit sensitive to criticism. We’ve seen him complain about the media, respond to angry fans on Twitter and generally defend himself (specifically his move from Oklahoma City to Golden State) more passionately than most world-famous athletes would.

Well late Sunday night, Durant accidentally revealed just how far he’ll go to defend his honor from random fans on Twitter. After a guy named Cole Cashwell tweeted at Durant the same kind of nonsense he must get 10 times a day, Durant actually responded. Only instead of using first person, he talked about himself in third person, allowing only one possible conclusion: that Durant (or someone with access to his account) uses fake accounts t0 respond to Twitter trolls.

Given that there are multiple screenshots out there, from different time zones, from desktop and mobile browsers, all with the same tweets means this appears to be entirely real.

This is just a hilarious revelation. Kevin Durant has money and fame. He has an NBA MVP award and an NBA title ring. Yet he still feels the need to bicker with random haters on Twitter, just to shut up individual critics.

The reaction to Durant’s mishap was about what you would expect.

From now on, if you tweet about Durant and get a defensive response from some random account, be suspicious. Very suspicious.

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