The Cavs are looking to even up their Eastern Conference Finals series with the Celtics tonight, and they’re off to a good start, leading 34-18 after the first quarter. That’s in large part to the play of LeBron James (shocking), who basically had a perfect quarter.

James was 4-4 from the floor, 3-3 from the free throw line, tallying 11 first quarter points while adding two rebounds, an assist, and no turnovers. Most memorable, though, was this ridiculous play that featured LeBron leaking out early (less charitably, it was a cherry-pick, though given it’s LeBron we can give him the benefit of the doubt that he read the play and reacted accordingly) and Kevin Love firing a ridiculous full-court pass that was right on the money.

Seriously, look at this:

How in the world did that pass get through? Is Kevin Love the best quarterback Cleveland has seen in forever? (Maybe!) But the catch was almost more impressive, as LeBron essentially plays the role of Michael Jordan in the climactic scenes of Space Jam, or of a parent taking over at an end-of-season parents-kids scrimmage for a 6th grade team.

What a play. It’s going to take more of them to even up the series, but it’s another example of how in Love and James, the Cavs arguably do have the two best players on either team (with some apology to Al Horford). Whether that’s enough to beat Brad Stevens and the Celtics, though, remains to be seen.

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