Heat-Knicks Finish The finish to Thursday’s Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks game was not great basketball, but it was highliy entertaining.

When thinking of great finishes to NBA games, one probably thinks of a sequence of plays where both teams execute at a near-flawless level all leading to one team making the final great play. Thursday’s finish between the Miami Heat and New York Knicks was not that — but it sure was exciting.

The madness started with the Knicks leading by three and the Heat trying to tie. Tyler Herro‘s three-point shot missed and was rebounded by New York’s All-Star, Julius Randle. Randle then kicked the ball to his teammate, RJ Barrett. That started a game of hot potato between the two teams that ended with a Randle dunk, giving the Knicks a seemingly safe five-point lead with 5.2 seconds remaining.

In reality, though, the fun was just getting started.

Max Straus made a quick three-pointer to draw the Heat to within two with 2.2 seconds remaining. The Knicks called a time out after which, Quentin Grimes inbounded the ball to Randle. Randle fell to the ground, which was originally called a foul.

Miami challenged the call, though. While Bam Adebayo was clearly going to foul Randle, it hadn’t happened yet. Randle fell to the ground on his own. And upon further review, the officials agreed with the Heat.

The foul was overturned and Miami was given possession.

Suddenly, the Heat, who three seconds earlier (in game time) been essentially out of the game, had a chance to tie or even win the game. Miami got a great look at it, as well. Gabe Vincent found Herro and while Herro was somewhat off balance taking his shot, he had a clean look on a game-winning three-point attempt.

It had a chance but ultimately hit off the rim and bounced away. With that, the Knicks breated a huge sigh of relief.

The game’s frenetic finishing sequence got the attention of NBA fans on Twitter.


While they took a circuitous path to it, the end result was a 106-104 win for the Knicks, who, at 28-25 are now only a game behind the Heat for the No. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference.

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