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The Dallas Mavericks have a storied NBA history full of some of the best players to ever lace them up.

Dirk Nowitzki, Rolando Blackman, Derek Harper, and Mark Aguirre are often mentioned as among the best in Mavericks history.

But what about Luka Dončić? The Slovenian star has been the face of the franchise for six seasons and has already racked up tons of accolades, including leading the NBA in scoring in 2024. The five-time All-Star and four-time All-NBA First Team player is only 25, so he still has plenty of years ahead to make his mark in the history books.

However, longtime Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has seen a lot of great players come and go, thinks that Dončić is already in the discussion for being one of the best players in Dallas history.

During an appearance on FanDuel TV’s Run It Back, Chandler Parsons asked Cuban if Luka is already the greatest player in franchise history.

“I don’t think there’s any question, he has the ability to be top 2, top 3 of all time,” said Cuban, who noted Doncic’s ability to “control all aspects of a game.”

If he wants to surpass Nowitzki on the list of all-timers, Dončić is gonna have to lead Dallas to an NBA championship. But there’s certainly more than enough time ahead to figure that out.

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