Markieff Morris has been watching plenty of Draymond Green tape, apparently.


During Wednesday’s game between the Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards, Morris decided it’d be a good idea to kick Mason Plumlee where the sun don’t shine. The act resulted in Morris being ejected from the game.

Ugh. When will NBA players ever learn? I mean, he’s not even trying to be discreet with this kick to the groin. After Green, officials seem to be on the lookout for this, so why would you think it’s a good idea to kick someone there — and then think you weren’t going to get caught?

But despite this ridiculousness, folks still had fun on Twitter dot com:

I guess it’s good Twitter can have fun with these things.

I’m sure the folks in the NBA office are real sick of these guys not keeping their feet on the ground.

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