Steph Curry drained this shot against Dallas.

With just over 12 seconds left Wednesday night, the 13-25 Dallas Mavericks were tied with the 29-8 Golden State Warriors at 112 points apiece thanks to a layup from former Warrior Harrison Barnes. However, that layup came early in the shot clock, and it left Golden State with one last chance. The Warriors had a timeout remaining, but didn’t even call it. Instead, Steph Curry just casually dribbled down the court, got a screen from Draymond Green and let fly from a foot or two outside the top of the three-point arc, draining it with three seconds left.That left the Mavericks with one last chance, but Dennis Smith Jr.’s shot fell way short thanks to some defense from Klay Thompson:

This was a not-so-impressive overall showing from the Warriors against the lowly Mavericks, but it worked out fine for them in the end. For Dallas, Barnes (18 points, five rebounds and four assists), Wesley Matthews (22 points, five rebounds and four assists) and Smith (14 points, eight assists and two rebounds) all had good nights, with Dwight Powell adding 21 points and eight rebounds off the bench and J.J. Barea chipping in 13 points, seven assists and four rebounds, and they kept the Mavericks in contention. For Golden State, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had 25 points and 12 rebounds and 18 points and 11 rebounds respectively, while Thompson had 25 points and five rebounds. But Curry was the real star of the game for the Warriors, scoring 32 points and adding eight assists and five rebounds in addition to that last shot. The most remarkable thing may be how easy he made this look, though. And that serves as a reminder for the rest of the NBA; don’t let Golden State have the last shot.

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