Michael Jordan and LeBron James

The Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James debate on who is the greatest NBA player of all time has been argued for years now, with no clear winner. And it may be hard to ever pick the NBA’s GOAT between the two legendary players.

But Tim Grover recently gave it a try with a bizarre one-liner that left people talking. Grover, who has served as the personal trainer for Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and many other top athletes, was asked his thoughts on Jordan vs. James in a recent appearance at Risecon 2023.

“In the history of the NBA, only four players have accomplished winning the scoring title, regular-season MVP, First Team defensive player, leading the playoffs in scoring, and clinching the Finals MVP — all in a single season,” Grover said (via TalkBasket.net).

“And you know who the four players are? Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, and Jordan.”

Grover should have stopped right there, but he pressed on. He asked those in attendance at the convention who were wearing a pair of Jordan’s Nike shoes to stand, and many people stood. Then he asked those wearing James’ shoes to stand.

Not a single person stood.

“We’ve all heard stories about individuals getting robbed for their Jordans,” Grover asked. “Have you ever heard a story of anyone getting stuck for a pair of Brons?”

Many NBA fans were surprised, even appalled, that Grover went there in the GOAT debate.


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