Rookie mistake — not hiding your car keys at the practice facility.

Phoenix Suns 19-year-old Devin Booker apparently never learned that lesson and it cost him dearly on Tuesday. That’s because the Suns vets got ahold of his car keys and spent the day packing his car full of packing peanuts.

What resulted was a rookie awash in a sea of the annoying peanuts.

Booker took it all in stride though, and in terms of NBA rookie hazing, this has to go down as one of the more mild ones. No public humiliation, no crazy dinner tabs to pick up…just a massive packing peanut clean up to worry about.

Perhaps Booker should be lucky it wasn’t real peanuts or popcorn? He could’ve had the treatment of guys like Dion Waiters in Cleveland or other Cavs rookies who were left alone in heading to the court for a preseason game.

It may not be bust-out-loud laugh funny, but it certainly made the rookie’s day at the office a lot longer. Too bad we don’t have a time on the clean-up by Booker, but we’re guessing whatever plans he had after practice went out the window along with those packing peanuts.

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