Pistons lose to Celtics Photo Credit: Bally Sports

The Detroit Pistons played like a team of destiny Thursday night.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong kind of destiny for the Pistons and their suffering fans.

The Pistons tied an NBA record by losing their 28th consecutive game, 128-122 in overtime, to the Boston Celtics.

Detroit didn’t just lose, it lost in the most heartbreaking fashion imaginable, blowing a huge lead. The Pistons led by 21 points just before halftime, and went into the locker room up 66-47.

Yet somehow, the Pistons squandered most of that lead in about a five-minute span in the third quarter, and the two teams were tied at 82 after three.

After falling behind by six with 1:42 remaining in regulation, the Pistons rallied to send the game into overtime, thanks to Bojan Bogdanović’s rebound and basket with 4.6 seconds remaining.

But overtime just brought misery, as the Celtics took control.

The Pistons will have a chance to break the NBA record for consecutive losses they share with the 2014-15 and 2015-16 Philadelphia 76ers when they host the Toronto Raptors Saturday. Detroit had already set the record for most consecutive losses (27) in a single season earlier in the week.

NBA fans agreed it was a crazy way for the Pistons’ streak to continue. Fans checked in on X/Twitter throughout the game to comment about their historic streak of ineptitude and the looming disaster Thursday night.

[Photo Credit: Bally Sports]

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