One San Francisco bar owner appears to be so happy about the Warriors once again reaching the pinnacle of the NBA that he’s giving away exorbitant amounts of alcohol during Game 4 on Friday.

According to a sign near the intersection of Sacramento and Kearny, the unidentified bar will be giving out free shots after every Golden State 3-pointer.

Update: The bar is RM 212:

That’s one way to make a likely series sweep more interesting.

The Warriors are averaging nearly 13 threes per game in the playoffs and—get ready for it—15.3 triples through the first three games of the Finals.

Twitter is already abuzz after getting wind of this special.

I’m hoping Vegas puts a betting line on when the first person blacks out. I’ll go for 6:30 PT, considering the Dubs’ total offensive dominance in the first quarter this series.

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