Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen absolutely trashed former Chicago Bulls teammate Michael Jordan in a social media post on Friday, leaving many NBA fans wondering if he’s OK.

Pippen posted a video on social media that started as a shout-out to LeBron James, but he kept going and said some bad things about Jordan, whom some consider the greatest player of all time.

“[LeBron will be the greatest statistical guy to ever play the game of basketball,” Pippen said (via NBA Central). “And there is no comparison to him. None. So, does that make him the greatest player to ever play the game?

“I’ll leave that up for debate because I don’t believe there is a great player, because our game is a team game and one player can’t do it.”

To that point, Pippen had not said anything bad about Jordan, whom he played with for 11 seasons as they won six NBA championships together.

But Pippen plowed ahead.

“I seen Michael Jordan play before I came to play with the Bulls,” Pippen continued. “He was a horrible player. He was a horrible player to play with. He was all one on one, he’s shooting bad shots.

“All of a sudden, we become a team and start winning and everybody forgot who he was.”

There’s been no love lost between Pippen and Jordan in recent years, and it involves far more than the tabloid fodder of Jordan’s son, Marcus, dating Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa. Pippen was not pleased with how he and other Bulls were portrayed in ESPN’s documentary on Jordan and the Bulls, “The Last Dance.”

Pippen noted in his 2021 memoir, Unguarded, “They glorified Michael Jordan while not giving nearly enough praise to me and my proud teammates.”

Still, to call Jordan, a five-time MVP, a “horrible player” seems to be taking his feelings to a ridiculous extreme. Most NBA fans weighed in on Pippen’s comments in disbelief, although there were some who agreed with him.

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