It’s no secret that Skip Bayless doesn’t like LeBron James. Whether that’s because he knows it’ll get a reaction from LeBron’s haters and LeBron’s lovers or it’s because he actually believes what he says, Skip is obsessed with LeBron. This time, Skip’s latest take on LeBron didn’t have so much to do with the superstar player and more about the LA Lakers’ latest signing potentially disrupting the team.

During Monday’s episode of Undisputed, Bayless discussed Russell Westbrook signing with the Lakers. Skip felt that Westbrook’s signing will be a nightmare for the Lakers because he will try to takeover as the leader of the team, causing conflict with their current leader.

I don’t say this often because Skip Bayless is a hot take artist willing to say whatever he can for a reaction but this is actually a rather fair take. Westbrook has recently been traded from team to team in the past few years and it may be difficult for him to adjust to being someone who may not have the ball in his hands on the final play.

That being said, Russell Westbrook is such a talented player who can be a game changer for a team built to win titles that it’s worth a gamble for the Lakers. If things go well, they can win an 18th title and prove Skip wrong.

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