A game-winning shot from Spurs guard Keldon Johnson against the Suns. Photo Credit: TNT

The San Antonio Spurs looked lethargic and lifeless for much of their game on Tuesday night against the Phoenix Suns. But they miraculously came to life down the stretch, and took advantage of a mistake from Suns star Kevin Durant when it mattered most to come away with a huge comeback win.

Phoenix led by as much as 20 points in the game. They had no business losing this game, as they led for all but 1.2 seconds of the entire game after their first basket. However, a wild final sequence led to the Spurs quite literally stealing away the win from the Suns.

The Suns held a one-point lead with 6.1 seconds remaining in the game after a putback dunk from Victor Wembanyama. They quickly inbounded the ball to Kevin Durant, expecting him to be able to draw a foul and hopefully ice the game at the free-throw line.

Instead, the Spurs brought a double-team at Durant as soon as he caught the pass. And Durant had a lapse of focus, which allowed Spurs star Keldon Johnson to take the ball from Durant. He then proceeded to make the game-winning layup over a Suns defender with just 1.2 seconds remaining in the game.

Durant had one last chance to win the game after Johnson’s layup, but his potential game-winning attempt missed, leading to a Spurs victory.

Fans took notice of the wild ending to this game, with many blaming Durant for his turnover at the end of the game.

Others praised Keldon Johnson for the clutch steal that led to his game-winner.

It’s a huge win for the Spurs, but it is also a rather unexpected mistake from a player as great as Kevin Durant. Durant very clearly seemed to think he got fouled on the play. His coach Frank Vogel agreed with him after the game.

“They fouled him,” said Vogel on the final play involving Durant. “The refs didn’t call it. They grabbed him on the arm before the ball got ripped out of his hand. No call.”

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