Basketball and cold weather? They don’t really go together all that well normally. After all, cold fingers tend to not help one grip a basketball nor catch a pass coming your way.

None of that mattered to San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker and Swiss watchmaker Tissot, though. That’s because the two teamed up to host a basketball game atop the Aletsch glacier in Switzerland.

The game took place just 11,000 feet above sea level — no big deal.

Parker took to the court with members of french club ASVEL Villerubanne and took on a team of Swiss League players. Both teams found ways to stay warm with hoodies and jackets under their jerseys,

Here’s a look at perhaps the most beautiful setting to ever host a basketball game in the history of man.

No word on who won the contest, but based on the pictures did the score really matter? It certainly didn’t to Parker according to the San Antonio Express-News.

“I’m always up for new challenges, so when Tissot, my long-term partner suggested I play a game at the top of Europe, I thought it was a great opportunity to do something exceptional,” Parker said, via “We don’t often get to play often in such extreme conditions.”

Knowing NBA players, someone is going to try and top that…and may we suggest a real-life version of Space Jam.

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