Draymond Green stomping on Domantas Sabonis.

The Golden State Warriors found themselves in rare territory on Monday night, heading into Game 2 against the Sacramento Kings down in the series. This led to an intense atmosphere for the game. Unfortunately for Warriors star Draymond Green, this increased intensity led to a disgusting moment that ended his night prematurely.

It was a tightly contested game in the fourth quarter with the Kings clinging to a four-point lead with 7:04 remaining in the game.

Green got tied up with Kings star Domantas Sabonis on a rebound attempt. While Sabonis was on the ground, he appeared to grab Green’s leg. This led to Green brutally stomping on the midsection of Sabonis and running off to try and get back into the play.

The play was ultimately stopped after Sabonis was seen clearly hurt from the stomp. Green was initially issued a technical foul for the incident, but far worse repercussions came for him once the play was looked at on replay.

While the play was being looked at, Green took an opportunity to trash talk the Kings fans in attendance, offering some colorful words, to say the least towards them…

He was ultimately issued a flagrant-2 foul on the play, resulting in his ejection from the game. Sabonis was also issued a flagrant foul for grabbing his leg in the interaction.

It was obviously wrong for Sabonis to grab his leg like he did. However, Green’s reaction was certainly uncalled for and doesn’t help his already strained reputation as an instigator in the NBA.

Many took to social media to offer their opinion on the interaction.

The incident from Draymond Green would come back to cost them in a huge way. The Warriors would ultimately go on to lose the matchup 114-106 to the Kings.

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