A game-winning shot from Klay Thompson against the Kings. Photo Credit:NBC Sports Bay Area

The Sacramento Kings ended the Golden State Warriors’ postseason run last year in what was seen as a huge upset at the time. The two teams faced off yet again on Wednesday night, and the Warriors got their revenge, thanks to a sensational game-winner from Warriors star Klay Thompson.

It was a back-and-forth matchup for much of the game, and it looked like the Kings may come away with the win after a clutch shot from star forward Domantas Sabonis with 15.1 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter.

That gave the Warriors one chance to regain the lead and win this game. And Thompson came through when it mattered most, hitting a ridiculous stepback shot over two Kings defenders for the win.

The Kings had 0.2 seconds remaining after Thompson’s shot, which wasn’t enough to even get a shot off. The Warriors would come away with a 102-101 win.

Fans took notice of Thompson’s unbelievable shot and praised him on social media.

It has to feel good for Thompson to make this shot, especially considering how their season ended at the hands of the Kings last year.

This win puts the Warriors at 4-1 on the year, an impressive start for a team looking to regain their championship contender status this season.

Only time will tell whether or not they will indeed be title contenders. But it sure looks like Klay Thompson has still got all the talent he has been praised for over the years.

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