Miles Bridges is no stranger to impressive dunks. The second-year Charlotte Hornets small forward was well-known for his crazy dunks in high school and his dunks at Michigan State went viral as well. So the news that he might have just thrown down the NBA’s dunk of the season probably shouldn’t surprise too many people.

On Saturday, the Hornets were hosting the Atlanta Hawks when Bridges got the ball just outside the three-point line with a few minutes left in the game. He drove to the basket where Clint Capela tried to stop him from scoring. It did not work out very well forย Capela.

That thunderous tomahawk slam is all the more impressive when you consider the Hornets were up by just three points and needed some surefire scoring to keep the Hawks at bay. Bridges was more than happy to take that task on his shoulders as Charlotte played without LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward. The Hornets needed Bridges to step up and instead he lept up.

The best part might actually be Devonteโ€™ Grahamโ€™s reaction at the bottom of the screen. Graham puts his hands on his head and high steps it out of there, shocked and awed by what he’s seen. We get it.


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