Zaza Pachulia and Russell Westbrook are two very different basketball players. They’ve never played together and it’s not like Pachulia is a threat to Westbrook as the best point guard in the league.

However, Pachulia does play with Westbrook’s ex-teammate (and maybe ex-best friend) Kevin Durant. That alone possibly explains what unfolded between Pachulia and Westbrook during the Golden State vs. Oklahoma City game on Wednesday night.

After the play, Pachulia was handed a flagrant one, but that was questionable. As ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy talked about during the clip, Pachulia probably should’ve gotten a technical and Westbrook’s teammates should’ve helped him out.

During halftime, Chauncey Billups had some interesting comments about the play as well:

And naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about the incident too.

Never change, Zaza. And never change Russell.

Forget the Westbrook vs. Durant saga, and bring on the Westbrook vs. Pachulia battle.

UPDATE– Westbrook told the media postgame that he’s “gonna get [Pachulia’s] ass back”:

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