For the next five days it’s going to be SUPER crowded at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor as a marketing promotion has gone all wrong thanks to Rutger’s abysmal performance today.

Offering a deal tied to the amount of points scored doesn’t seem so bad, does it? If you are playing Rutgers though, it ends up being a completely different story. Ruth Chris is offered a percentage point off of your meal for the point differential between Michigan against Rutgers.

You do the math, I’ll wait.


That is 78% off. That is a lot of high end steak for cheap. The deal sounds a little too good to be true.

The comments on the Facebook post may be even better than the post itself. This one in particular jumps off the page.


Multiple Facebook commenters also noted that Ruth Chris is capping the discount at 50% this upcoming week. Proving that generosity does have it’s limits. It is still a very generous discount for Ann Arbor residents.

The lesson here is that if you are a local business and you want to use the football game to promote your restaurant, make sure that they aren’t playing Rutgers. It is only going to cause pain for two different groups, yourself and the Scarlet Knights.

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