Training a dog isn’t easy. Boise State, however, may have found the secret to making it work.

During football games, the Broncos have a dog that retrieves kicking tees for them. Rather than waiting for some slow human being to trot out there, this dog would love nothing more than to get out to that tee as quickly as possible, retrieve it, and bring it back to the sidelines.

We all need to follow Boise State’s lead and get all of our dogs to start retrieving random items around the house.

Need a beer in the fridge? Train your dog to open the fridge door, take it out, crack open the beer and bring it to you.

Plumbing needs to be fixed and the wrench is in the other room? Train your dog to go get it and maybe loosen up some lug nuts for you.

Or, of course, you can see if the Boise State dog is available. He or she needs something to retrieve the rest of the days of the week.

[CJ Fogler]

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