For fans of college football video games, here is some good news. A college football video game is going to be back. The bad news is that it won’t be ready until at least 2020. The worse news is that the first version won’t have any actual schools or players.

The company IMackulate Vision Gaming announced that they are creating a college football video game called “Gridiron Champions,” set to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2020.

Due to licensing costs, the first version is expected to be unlicensed. This is so that they can get a version of the game out there, probably get the bugs worked out and improve things for the second version that is expected to be licensed. IVG raised over $10 million and said that if they take the company public, could raise the money to license future games.

There is certainly going to be some hesitation for the first version of this game. For one, there is a risk that by the time this game is released in 2020 (barring no delays), a new generation of gaming systems may be released by then. And if that were to happen, IVG is back to the drawing board, developing a new game to adhere to the new console.

In addition, some people may not bother with a video game that doesn’t feature the Crimson Tide or The Big House but you do get the freedom to create whatever you want. And if there is an option to download fan created teams, chances are we’ll be able to have actual teams in the game in some fashion.

I always loved the EA NCAA games over Madden, which is ironic because I watch more NFL than college. The NCAA games were more fun, had more variety and I felt were more innovative while Madden has seemingly coasted on their brand and being associated with the NFL for years.

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I don’t know how this game will be or even if they’ll be able to complete this game. My only hope is that this game forces EA Sports to be more innovative with Madden. I stopped playing Madden about four years ago because it was the same game every year. I stopped playing NCAA Football because they didn’t make the game anymore. One was by choice, the other wasn’t. If Gridiron Champions can get a chunk of the football video game market, that can only help the industry.

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