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When a judge proposed a settlement towards the NCAA from a class-action lawsuit for all college athletes, it didn’t include payments for athletes who have struggled with brain injuries. A new lawsuit, spearheaded by six former college football players is hoping to change that.

The New York Times reports the six players filed a class-action lawsuit against their respective colleges, conferences and the NCAA. The lawsuit claims negligence towards those affected by head injuries.

“The spate of cases — six were filed Tuesday — marks a new effort by athletes seeking financial relief for what they say are the lasting effects from concussions sustained in their college careers. Among the named defendants in the filings are Penn State and Vanderbilt and three major football-playing conferences: the Big Ten, the Southeastern Conference and the Pacific-12.”

The Times reports the lawsuit is only for college football players and separate from the previous lawsuit filed by all college athletes.

The players are likely looking for a similar settlement as the NFL agreed with former players, giving support and financial aid to those who suffered from brain injuries during their football careers. It makes sense that NCAA players want the same relief, as they likely faced similar injuries. Jay Edelson, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the players, said, “The judge didn’t approve the original settlement because these players need financial help.”

Given the likelihood of players who suffered debilitating brain injuries and were ignored by the NCAA post-career, hopefully, something can be worked out where players are given the support they need.

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