It’s been well-documented over the last few weeks that the Big 12 is looking to (finally) add two to four schools to their conference. The main schools we seem to see mentioned as candidates to join the conference are BYU, Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis, UCF, and UConn. We don’t hear all that much about the Colorado State Rams, and it makes me cry inside as CSU is my alma mater.

But, if you really think about it, CSU should have at least a decent case. Just a few things about CSU that would immediately stand out:

1. Geographically, they make much more sense than most of the schools in the conversation, and could get the Big 12 back into the Denver market.

2. A brand-new on-campus football stadium that opens in 2017.

3.  Football and basketball programs that have spent time in the top-25 over the last few years, and are usually competitive.

If the Big 12 is taking two schools, it’s hard to see CSU beating out BYU and Houston, at least. But if the Big 12 goes with four schools? I think CSU’s argument is pretty good. That’s not saying I think they are one of the four schools — I don’t; I’m a realist and understand the national appeal of the other schools is higher — but that they have a pretty good argument.

Well, CSU president Tony Frank, is “optimistic” about their chances, saying that CSU has “been in discussion” with the Big 12 over the last few weeks. Of course, he said he’s always optimistic because he’s a Cubs fan:

Ask CSU President Tony Frank about his optimism for Colorado State University moving to the Big 12, and he’ll have a four-word joke for you: “I’m a Cubs fan.”

“I’m always optimistic,” he continued. “I’ve been that way for the past century.

Hard-luck baseball fandom aside, Frank said in an interview at the Board of Governors meeting on Thursday in Pueblo that CSU has been in talks with the Big 12.

“The Big 12’s made their process pretty clear,” Frank said. “We have been in discussion with them and we’ll see where that takes them over the next few weeks.”

So, while Frank is possibly just optimistic regardless of reality, the school is still talking with the Big 12 and would still appear to be in the picture. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds in the coming weeks.



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