Steph Curry is far and away the most exciting and famous person to ever come out of Davidson College, and he’s the person who put the school on the map. So as a gesture, Davidson is dedicating its student section to Curry at Tuesday’s game against Duquesne.

Needless to say, the game figures to be a hot ticket in Davidson, North Carolina. The university has fewer than 2,000 students, but lots of them were standing outside the arena last night, in the cold and rain, for their chance to see Curry.

That kind of line would be impressive for Duke-North Carolina, but this is Davidson-Duquesne! And it appears that anybody who got a ticket isn’t giving one up—as of 2 p.m. Tuesday, there were zero tickets for the game available on StubHub.

I guess if you’re going to wait for hours in the cold just to see Steph Curry, you’re not giving that ticket up for anything.

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