This is going to either be absolutely genius or the worst thing ever depending on how you look at it.

Four days after being charged with lack of institutional control due to the FBI’s investigation into Adidas paying off recruits to play at their schools, head coach Bill Self showed up in a video dressed in gold chains and an Adidas shirt as he promoted Snoop Dogg’s concert for “Late Night in the Phog” at Allen Fieldhouse.

The video had Self walking through a music store with Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” playing. And after looking through some of Snoop’s music, Self gave a wink at the camera.

This past Monday, it was reported that Kansas and Self would be charged with multiple NCAA violations. In total, the Kansas basketball team received a charge of lack of institutional control and three Level I charges, with Self getting head coach responsibility violations. This stemmed from a FBI investigation into Adidas where one Adidas employee testified that he paid the family of one recruit to come to Kansas and paid the guardian of a current player. The University of Kansas said they would “accept responsibility for proven violations” but denied the charges and that they “will not shy from forcefully pushing back on allegations that the facts simply do not substantiate.”

While the timing seems perfect, it’s very likely that this was planned and filmed before it was known that Self and Kansas would be charged. So while this looks like Self is making a defiant stance against the NCAA, it’s probably more of a coincidence than anything.

Having said that, a lot of people are probably going to think this is a defiant stance against the NCAA and depending on who you root for likely depends on how you feel about the clip. Kansas’ rivals will probably think it’s terrible or will use screencaps to make fun of Kansas while at the same time, Kansas fans will probably see it as their school standing up against the NCAA and telling them to bring it on. Either way, I’m sure Bill will have a fun time with Snoop Dogg tonight.


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